Brandy Sweets
 Personal Consultant

Frequently asked questions

  1. Q: Am I licensed?
    A: No. I have taken a couple of work shops and plan to take another this summer.
  2. Q: Are you to old to visit me?
    A: No, more likely to young. 92 is the oldest man I have gladly spent time with so far.
  3. Q: Why do I prefer older men?
    A: I feel you have been around longer and are more deserving of being pampered. Also I feel more comfortable and relaxed knowing you are raised in a different era when everything was different.
  4. Q: Is it okay if you have never done this before?
    A: Yes, I also offer public meet and greets to be sure we are a good fit or for you to be sure I am what I seem like on line.
  5. Q: What do I provide?
    A: You should be able to find enough info here to make the call if I might be of some help to you.
  6. Q: Do I work with any other women?
    A: Yes, I have in the past. Currently do not have a female partner I feel comfortable working with.
  7. Q: Do I tour or will I be come to your area soon?
    A: Not likely, I have plenty of guys right here that would miss me. However, I will travel with select gents.
  8. Q: How far in advance do I set appointments?
    A: 1 hour - 2 months. I communicate well & I keep a schedule.
  9. Q: Will I enjoy myself while I am with you?
    A: Yes, while conversating on many topics, manipulating your body or putting on a little show for you. There are many ways to see me smile.
  10. Q: Do I accept trades or other forms of payment?
    A: I will accept most major Giftcards, Paypal, Bitcoin and cash apps.
  11. Q: How long have I been doing this work & how did I start?
    A: Almost 6 years now, I started as a nude model for an artist. Then worked for a escort agency. No, I have never been a stripper.
  12. Q: Is it ok to bring…?
    A friend? - NO! Your own toys or whatever? Okay Something for us to drink? Okay sometimes. My limit is 1.
  13. Q: Can you bring a personal gift if you are feeling generous ?
    A: Yes, even tho I would never ask you for anything extra. I am thankful for the thoughtfulness of even the smallest token of personal thanks.
  14. Q: Do I have a personal life?
    A: Yes, of course I do! I respect your privacy so please respect mine. I am happy to share polite pleasantries but playing 20 questions makes anyone uncomfortable.
  15. Q: Do I provide out call or come to you?
    A: I will yes and bring everything we could need but only for social dates and extended sessions.